Joyful Jaunt | AGF Sewcialite Fat Quarter Bundle

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Joyful Jaunt | AGF Sewcialite Fat Quarter Bundle
Joyful Jaunt | AGF Sewcialite Fat Quarter Bundle

Introducing Art Gallery Fabrics Sewcialites Fat Quarter Bundles!

Join in the quilting lifestyle & get inspired by following AGF Sewcialites on social media. Explore their hand-picked bundles with a diverse range of styles and follow their journey as they create many fun projects using AGF. There’s something for everyone to get inspired and start creating. #AGFSewcialite

Includes 16 FQs from various Art Gallery Fabric collections!

Joyful Jaunt is a quilter whose design choices are rooted in her childhood memories. She recalls being enamored with the colors purple and magenta, even though the popular colors of the time were pink and blue. To fit in, especially as the only Asian student in her first-grade class, she adapted to these preferences.
Through her work, Joyful Jaunt aims to transport individuals back to moments of childhood wonder and curiosity. Her designs blend modern and classic styles, resulting in a harmonious mix of the old and the new. She hopes to inspire others to embrace their unique tastes and preferences, believing that the genuine and distinctive aspects of a person’s work make it truly exceptional

Christina Lee, who runs Sweet Potato Quilts, has a mission to create more options for quilters when it comes to designs for their quilts. She also aims to foster a community of quilters who are empowered to experiment and try new things without fear of failure or judgment. Additionally, Christina designs contemporary and unique patterns that are enjoyable to create and hopes to ultimately help communities and populations in need.

As an introvert, Christina tends to flow through the world in solitude and enjoys a bit of minimalism and space as a means of departure from tradition. She feels most at home when exploring, experimenting, and playing with new ideas. Christina is also a musician and turned to quilting in 2019 as a way to decompress from the social demands of her profession. Quilting has inspired her to provide more for her students at school and has incorporated more improvisational activities in her teaching. Despite turning to quilting as a solitary activity, Christina has made many friends in the community and is grateful to get to know other people’s stories and reasons for sewing fabric together. Her dog’s name is Goguma, which means sweet potato in Korean.

Joyful Jaunt | AGF Sewcialite Fat Quarter Bundle
Joyful Jaunt | AGF Sewcialite Fat Quarter Bundle

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